• Old Trooper Regiment

  • Mission

    To welcome and assist Fort Riley Soldiers & their families during their stay at Fort Riley.


    Junction City was formed in 1859 to serve Fort Riley soldiers and their families’ needs and this is still true today. Over the years, Junction City has always enjoyed its special relationship with the military and its families and has strived to make our military friends’ stay at Ft. Riley enjoyable and successful. Back in the 20s, perhaps after a friendly polo game between town leaders and Fort Riley officers, the 'townies' started calling themselves the Old Trooper Regiment (OTR). They continued hosting social events to keep their relationships strong. In the 60s, OTR became more formal by becoming a part of the Junction City Chamber of Commerce, then part of the Geary County Economic Development agency.

    Eventually OTR went back to being an independent organization when it merged with another Fort Riley support group,- Kansans for a Strong Fort Riley. While remaining an independent organization, OTR became a founding member with the city and county of the Junction City - Geary County Military Affairs Council, serving as a one stop shop for Fort Riley's needs.

    OTR's partner spouse's organization, the Lady Troopers, also plays a huge part in making military spouses feel welcome at Fort Riley, and it provides a valuable source of information to help military families.


    Membership is open to anyone who is willing to pay the dues, which are:
    $400 per calendar year for five members of a business, $100 for each additional
    $200 per calendar year for two members of a business, $100 extra
    $100 for Military Retired and Individuals
    $50 for Lady Troopers Only

    (OTR dues are typically used for administrative & labor costs to put on the events plus pays for the military guests’ costs. Typically OTR members are billed for their own cost when they attend an event. A member’s assessment may be discounted, based on how well our budget is doing, but will never be more than the member’s actual event cost.)

    If you’re interested in becoming an Old Trooper, please contact the Military Affairs Council at (785) 762-2632 or email John at info@jcacc.org

    OTR Advisory Board

    Mark Edwards, Gary Junghans, John Montgomery, Steve Locke, Scott Stuckey, Terry Heldstab, Dick Young, Jim Champagne, Rex Matney, and Bill Brooks

  • Upcoming Events

    Spring  -  Hail & Farewell

    Summer  -  Home & Home Golf

    Summer  -  Home & Home Golf at Fort Riley

    Summer  -  Lady Troopers Social

    Fall  -  Fall Hail & Farewell

    Winter  -  Annual Holiday Dinner

    Winter  -  Annual General Membership Mtg.