• Lady Troopers

  • Mission

    Establishing a continuing liaison between the military and civilian communities by exchanging information and creating feelings of mutual understanding and congeniality through social interactivity and supporting Soldiers and their Families.


    Founded in 1991, the Lady Troopers Organization is made up of women who live or work in the Junction City area.  Our goal is to provide friendship, support, and goodwill for the Military Families of Fort Riley.

    Major Functions

    Host two functions with our Fort Riley partners.  We have a Spring Function for the spouses and a Fall Function for couples.

    • Contact Program – Establish contact with newly arrived Command Teams and maintain relationship throughout command time at Ft. Riley and provide local information and assistance.
    • “Canteen” at all deployments and re-deployments since Desert Storm providing home baked goodies provided/baked by Lady Troopers or friends of Lady Troopers.
    • Hospitality – Welcome gifts to incoming Brigade Commander’s and CSM spouses and Battalion Commander spouses.
    • Special Projects – Assist SOS (Survivor Outreach Services) with meals for events or Victory Week
    • Representatives on board – Historical and Archaeological Society; Military Affairs Council; JC Old Trooper, INC; and Fort Riley Spouses Club

    General Membership Meeting held twice a year

    Annual membership cost is $50.00

    For more information or to join the Lady Troopers of Junction City, please contact Paula Dinkel by email at ewm_mom@hotmail.com or Dianne Hepler at (785)375-3074 or email heplerd@cox.net